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With the creation of the Advantage Support wing in July 2007, the Group remains  committed to creating value in society. The sole intent for the existence of this wing is to make a meaningful difference to society.

We believe that the betterment of society comes from 3Cs- Care, Concern & Contribution. Which is why we reach out to the underprivileged and earmark 2.5% of our profit towards social causes.

we have been awarded Income Tax 80G & 12A

With a strong focus on the underprivileged, Advantage Support aims at improving the status of education and public health in the state, empowering the girl child and promoting sports among the youth. Another noteworthy contribution was a campaign done for Traffic Awareness three years ago. It was due to the impact of this campaign that the Government decided to build a Metro in Patna.

Envisioning a better future for Bihar and its people

            As part of Advantage Group, we aim to shape a better future for Bihar and its citizens.

            We are keen to make a difference in education, public health, status of girl child, youth and sports

Aims & Objectives

            Today we cannot wait for the government or the NGOs alone to shoulder all social responsibilities

            It is the duty of every citizen to contribute to causes and needs as per their abilities.

            Corporate India cannot look the other way when it earns most of its income from the people who represent the markets that they cater.

            Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has attained critical status for companies keen on being who wish to be seen as responsible nation builders and as a tool that creates better environment for businesses to flourish.