Public Relations

Advantage Public Relation is a dedicated Public relation wing of Advantage Group. We harness the power of publicity to generate buzz and talk value for the brand we serve. Advantage PR ensures optimum use of media an coverage to its clients and its proficient in handling everything from Product launch to corporate events to crisis management. Due to our excellent contacts in the media, we ensure full coverage and PR for all our clients an d offer complete logistic support.

Advantage PR has state of the art infrastructure in both Ranchi and Patna. While we cater to some of the top multinationals and celebrities in India, the crowning glory of the company was managing the entire itinerary of the ex-president  of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to Bihar. Press Coverage plays a big role in swaying public opinion. Managing it is an art, the nuances known only to a few professionals. Our ability to serve significant  “ink and airtime” is our hallmark. Our approach to publicity is simple. Go broad and deep. We help make our client the hero of the story.

We have tie-ups with reputed PR firms all over the country like  Sampark PR, Perfect Relation, Perfect PR, Integral PR, Weber Shandwick, AdFactor, etc. that help our clients gain national exposure.

Managing media relations: Advantage Services has a dedicated media relation’s team to provide unmatched media access across Bihar. The media team spends considerable man-hours-per week on media interactions, maintaining sound relationship with senior journalists/feature writers/ analysts and chief of bureaus. Through regular rapport building programmes, including editorial meetings, special information treats etc, we have carefully fostered strategic relationships with the media that lets us quickly ramp up operations and provide media support for major media events like press conferences, road-shows whenever required; even at very short notices.

 Media Database: The media team maintains an active database of the key journalists across media houses. The database includes reporters, correspondents, photographers, researchers, editors, bureau chiefs and senior editors of all leading national and regional publications and electronic channels. The team is also regularly updated on media trends & editorial calendars across various industry verticals and for social agendas, keep a track of NGO partners, key development organizations, institutions and individuals, arming us to identify potential platforms to realize the suggested media and communication strategy.

Some of our esteemed Clients are on a retainership basis for PR (Corporate Communication).

They are as follows:

  1. Bharti Airtel Ltd.
  2. Coco-Cola India Pvt. Ltd.
  3. PARAS HMRI Hospital
  4. Cancer Awareness Society
  5. Ruban Emergency Hospital
  6. Care India

We also use the PR tools for:

Advocacy:  We use the media to gain public and policymaker support for Policy goals that help us to achieve the Goals. Media advocacy also contributes to community norms change, it sets the public agenda and advances policy-based solutions. The goal of our  PR Campaign is to create a positivie image, Media advocacy’s goal is not individual change but community change. Our Media advocacy also stresses on social accountability.

Awareness: Our public relations program helps generate awareness among the common masses. This supplements  the advertising efforts. With the right message and strategic media distribution we will try to highlights the initiative taken by our clients.